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The Best Gift Ever-A Guide to Loving You. ~Learning How to Live Your Best Life By Kendell Lenice


 ​If you're not living your best life, then you're not living at all! This book is a guide to loving you! Just existing is not living! Make it count! Be healthy, wealthy and wise! The Best Gift Ever is...loving yourself and taking care of YOU! There is only one you! Don't waste time on a whole lot of nothing because you are a whole lot of something! Never forget that! In the pages of this book, you will receive some real advise about real issues concerning health, life, love, money, empowerment, your past and your bright future. Get your entire life, by remixing your life to be just what you need to LIVE, not exist.
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“It’s not Dr. Seuss but it is very Good”!

Imani Jackson

Age 8



 Check out my podcast, SHINE! A radio show where I turn my spotlight on people, topics and subjects that are honest, real and relevant. This is a place where listeners and guests can learn,laugh, heal and grow through life lessons, experiences and candid konversations. SHINE with Lady Motivator every Wednesday at 10pm (est).  It's a station filled with positivity, laughter, music and goodness!  

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"It's You!" Written by: Kendell Lenice

 Please support this heartfelt song written by Kendell Lenice called, "It's You!" It's her love letter to God! "I wrote this song to tell the world about my love." Sang by the beautiful Queen P and produced by Dennis R Garland Jr! (Inspirational/Gospel) Go to ITunes, Google Play or Amazon and purchase it for ONLY .$99! Support independent music! There is a message in this music!!  ~Kendell

Available on Itunes, Google Play & Amazon for only $.99

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"Don't Be Afraid!"

Written by Kendell Lenice - Sang by musician and singer T.Price

Have you ever been afraid to love because of your past experiences? Well, leave your baggage at the door and  "Don't be Afraid."

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The Best Gift Ever

A Guide to Loving You ~Learning how to live your best life! On Sale Now. *Inquire about an autographed copy! 

Give the gift of empowerment !


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